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Post-doctoral / PhD Positions at Mor Nahum's Computerized Neurotherapy Lab, HUJI

A full-time postdoctoral researcher position and a full PhD position are available in Dr. Mor Nahum's computerized neurotherapy lab ( at the Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University, Israel. The project, jointly led by Prof. Omer Bonne from Hadassah, involves understanding cognitive control mechanisms in clinical depression, using novel tools such as mobile apps, smart watches, and neural recordings. It has both a basic science aspect, and a clinical/translational aspect, applying cognitive control training to improve depression in this population. Motivated, brilliant applicants should apply. Background in cognitive neuroscience, clinical psychology, statistical analyses, human subjects, and/or programming is a plus. Positions are already available from this summer (September 2018).Applicants should send an email to Dr. Mor Nahum ( along with their CV and names of potential references.