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Congratulates to Prof. Rami Aqeilan for being elected as the next Head of IMRIC

The Faculty of Medicine pleased to announce the election of Prof. Rami Aqeilan as the new Head of the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada (IMRIC), beginning October 1, 2020.
Prof. Aqeilan studies the role of tumor suppressor gene products of common fragile sites in human diseases. Prof Aqeilan is the recipient of the Youdim Family Prize for Excellence in Cancer research. Last year he joint the Israel Young Academy and recently received an ERC Proof of Concept grant.
We wish Prof. Aqeilan much success in his new role!
With great appreciation, we thank Prof. Haya Lorberboum-Galski, the present head of the institute, who has marched forward the Institute for Medical Research for the past eight years. Prof. Lorberboum-Galski continues to contribute to the university as the Gender Advisor to the University President.
prof. Rami Aqeilan and IMRIC logo