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An article published recently in Nature Review Neuroscience describes groundbreaking research done in the laboratory of Prof. Menachem Hanani from Hadassah and the Dept. of Medical Neurobiology in the Medical School

Scientists and doctors working on the nervous system usually focus on nerve cells in order to understand and treat this system. However, it was established in recent years that an additional cell type in the nervous system – glial cells, play crucial roles in the normal functions and disease of this system. Studies done in the laboratory of Prof. Hanani on chronic pain have shown that glial cells contribute to the generation and maintenance of chronic pain. It is well known that painkilling drugs that target nerves are ineffective in many cases. Research done in Prof. Hanani's laboratory and in other laboratories worldwide indicated that blocking pathological changes in glial cells might be a preferred mode of pain therapy.
The article reviews recent research on glial cells and pain and points out to future direction in glial research.
Hanani M, Spray DC. Emerging importance of satellite glia in nervous system function and dysfunction. Nature Rev. Neurosci. 2020, 10.1038/s41583-020-0333-z
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