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Prof. Raphael Mechoulam will receive the prestigious 2019-2020 Harvey Prize

The Faculty of Medicine congratulates Professor Raphael Mechoulam of the School of Pharmacology on receiving the prestigious Harvey Prize for for the discovery of the active molecules in cannabis.
The Harvey Prize is awarded annualy at the Technion for outstanding achievements in science and technology, human health, and significant contributions to humanity. Over the years the prize has become a predictor of the Nobel Prize, and more than 30% of Harvey laureates since 1986 were ultimately awarded the Nobel. Three of them – Professor Emmanuelle Charpentier, Professor Jennifer Doudna, and Professor Reinhard Genzel – are to receive the 2020 Nobel Prize this month.
Link to the Harvey Prize announcement of the Technion's website.
Prof. Raphael Mechoulam and Technion logo