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Congratulations to Prof. Ofer Mandelboim for winning the ISF MOKED grant for the research of UPEC infections.​
Eid al-Adha.jpg​​
Happy Eid al-Adha! The people of the Lautenberg Center has celebrated the holiday with in a festive breakfast! S​​ee pics in events gallery!  ​
Congratulations to Prof. Dana G. Wolf for receiving the prestigious ISF grant for studying CMV infections.

Seminars and Events

​​Celebrating 50 years of research

Come to the Lautenberg Center symposium 6.9.2018

​​The Rabbi Shai Shaknai Award

The Rabbi Shai Shaknai Award of 2018 was recieved by Prof. Diane Mathis from the Division of Immunology at Harvard Medical School for her work in…

​​The James Sivarsten Award

The James Sivarsten award of 2018 will be recieved by Muhannad Abu-Remaileh from Prof. Rami Aqeilan’s lab and…​