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The brain and nervous system control all our body functions. To understand how the brain and nervous system operate and govern our physical and mental tasks or sensation and emotional drives is one of the greatest challenges in life science and medicine. In the modern era progress in brain research and neuroscience can be obtained only by interdisciplinary approach and by combining basic and clinical research.
The major basic research areas are: cellular and molecular biology of neurons, neural signaling, development of the brain and nervous system, degeneration and regeneration, learning and memory, motor control, cognition and behavior. These subjects are being studied using variety of model organisms: nematodes (C. elegans), drosophila, zebrafish, birds, rodents, primates and human.
Major clinical research efforts of our groups are focused on mechanisms of diseases of the brain and nervous system, research of traumatic injuries of the brain and spinal cord, plasticity and repair of the brain and nervous system, and development novel therapies.
Strong collaborations already exist between some of the groups in the department and we seek to strengthen existing relationships while identifying and promoting new research collaborations that cut across traditional borders, by bringing together investigators from complementary fields.

​Head of Department:Dr. Ben-Shaul Yoram