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Dear Friends and colleagues

Due to the pandemic, this year's department seminar will take place via Zoom. We have taken advantage of the situation and invited an excellent roster of speakers worldwide (Israel included). Due to time zone differences, some talks are scheduled for the afternoon, so please check the exact time before each seminar. yy

During the seminar, we kindly ask you to leave your camera open and stay muted throughout the talk. Questions can be asked at the end of the 45-minute talk or through the chat. We wish you all a fruitful and innovative academic year. yy

Looking forward to seeing you all

Upcoming seminar​s:

7.      9.12.20 at 16:00 

Lucas Pinto

M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Dept. of Physiology Feinberg School of Medicine Northwestern University

Task-specific whole-cortical states during decision making.

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8.      16.12.20 at 15:00 

Carsen Stringer

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Janelia Research Campus

High-dimensional visual computations in mice.

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9.      6.1.21 at 16:00 

Prof. Timothy Murphy

University of British Columbia

Mouse In Vivo 

Imaging an 


Tools for Elucidating 

Cortical Structure 

and Function Following Stroke.

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10.   13.1.21 at 15:00 

Richard Mooney

George Barth Geller Professor of Neurobiology

Dept. of Neurobiology

Duke University

Durham, NC

From Song to Synapse: Neural Mechanisms of Vocal Learning and Communication.

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11.   20.1.21 at 12:00​ 

Leopoldo Petreanu


Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown

Lisboa, Portugal

The circuit mechanisms of hierarchical cortical interactions.

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Past seminar​s:

1.      21.10.20 at ​12:00​ 

Iain Couzin​

Department of Collective ​

Behaviour – Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior – University of Konstanz

​The Geometry of 




2.      28.10.20 at 12:00 ​

Pieter R. Roelfsema

Ne​therlands Institute for Neuroscience Amsterdam

Interactions between cortical neurons for visual perceptio​n​.

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3.      4.11.20 at 18:00 

Nick Steinmetz​

University of Washington, Seattle

Large-scale approaches for   distributed circuits underlying visual decision-making.

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4.      11.11.20 at 18:00 

Prof. Peyman Golshani



New tools for deciphering network dynamics in models of neurological disease.

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5.      18.11.20 at 15:00 

Prof. Donald Katz

Brandeis University

Dynamic and multi-modal cortical coding of chemosensory decisions.

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6.      25.11.20 at 15:30 

Caroline Robertson

Dartmouth College

Sensory processing in autism - Translational markers and circuit-level insights.