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Facing the Community

In the spirit of the Hebrew University and the School of Occupational Therapy, one of the Lab's missions is to contribute to the community.
Assessment for higher-education students with handwriting difficulties
One of the roles of the lab is to assess the handwriting and typing performance of students who are currently experiencing difficulties in writing and are impacting their academic performance. These assessments are conducted under the auspices of the office of the Dean of Students.
Students may be referred for an assessment of handwriting performance via two routes:
If students have been diagnosed in the past with a learning disability or believe they have a learning disability that is manifested in handwriting difficulties, they may contact the Unit for Learning Disabilities ( and request an assessment at the lab.
If they have a health problem that affects their ability to write, they may contact Accessibility Unit ( and request an assessment at the lab.
Touch typing instruction
Courses for developing efficient touch typing are available under the sponsorship of the Lab. The goal of the course is to improve a student's typing skills using the "KALIDIYUK" program. Students are taught in small groups in which each individual can progress at their own pace.