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Hidden Caves and Sweet Honey

​Our day began at the Manot Cave where digging has been ongoing since 2008 after the incredible find of a human skull and other artifacts that raise some interesting questions and theories about our origins and the people who once lived there. Ron Lavi, an onsite archeologist, gave us a personal tour which was truly a unique experience, especially considering the site is not open to the public.We then ventured up the hill where we were met by Noga who is a seasoned honey-bee farmer. Although our time was short we managed to see the farm and learn a little about how the honey is selectively collected and manufactured from the many trees in the surrounding acres. The scenery was stunning and the bees were humming....and of course the honey was yummy.We were all a little hungry by this stage so we set off for our next stop, lunch in the Spice Barn at Bethlehem of the Galilee. Food was quickly devoured and energy restored so we could get to work on the serious business of purchasing some goodies to take home. Souvenirs of a fabulous day.Thank you to all involved. The trip was a huge success and a hard one to beat.