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Approved - ""Forensic and Analytical Science"" – A master's degree program not requiring a thesis

​The curriculum extends three semesters, and consists of 44 credits, including courses in forensic science, analytical chemistry and biology, criminology and law, and research in subjects related to the various forms of forensic science or chemical, biological and medical analysis.The program is intended for graduates of science and engineering who are interested in this field in order to enrich their academic studies and also for employees who intend to work in the broad field of chemical and biological analysis and law enforcement, including lawyers, police officers, security personnel and members of the defense industry.Graduates of the program will be awarded an MSc in the ""Forensic and Analytical Science"" (without thesis)Program Coordinators: Prof. Avi Domb (Pharmacy-Medicine) and Prof. Badi Hasisi (Criminology-Law)