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About the School

The Hebrew University's School of Pharmacy was established in 1953. It is amongst the world's leading schools in training pharmacists and carrying out basic research in drug science.

The School not only trains its graduates for professional practice in the pharmaceutical industry, providing them with a scientific and professional basis, it also offers higher education in pharmacology, medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences (M.Sc. and Ph.D.), as well as a doctoral degree in Clinical Pharmacy (Pharm.D).

The School offers a full-time four year professional program including an internship, leading to a B.Sc. Pharm. degree. More specialized studies are directed toward a M.Sc. degree in Clinical Pharmacy. This program is aimed at advanced students who wish to pursue clinical work after completion of their basic studies. The clinical curriculum focuses on the training of students for pharmaceutical practice in the total health care of patients.

Our School of Pharmacy also offers M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs which provide a foundation for careers in academia, industrial or governmental agencies. In addition to the academic education of our students we are also committed to contributing to the community and health services.  As such, we maintain a Continuing Education department. This department, aimed at raising the professional standards of pharmacy in Israel, is extremely active and provides extra-curricular courses in some of the major cities in the country.

The School has a dual mission: Teaching and Research.

In teaching we are heavily committed to educate, train, and maintain competency of pharmaceutic practitioners and related scientists, and to convey to the students basic pharmaceutical knowledge, responsibility to the community and motivation to excel.

In research we are dedicated to the creation, transmission and application of knowledge based on research in basic and applied pharmaceutical, medicinal and pharmacological sciences. The various departments in the School are committed to nurturing and supporting a rich scientific environment to conduct research. The spectrum of research projects is broad and diverse, and the collaboration of the faculty both within the school and with other institutions is extensive. This enables us to approach drug research and development in a rational manner, through screening, synthesis, the study of mode of action, toxicity and drug development.

School graduates are integrated into Community Pharmacy (private and institutional community pharmacies), Clinical Pharmacy (hospitals and health maintenance organizations), the pharmaceutical industry, the biological industry, chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical administration, and scientific and research institutions in Israel and abroad.

The School continually conducts extensive scientific research in pharmaceutical sciences and life sciences, contributing to dozens of articles published every year in the world's leading science journals.

The School of Pharmacy is part of the Faculty of Medicine, which is on the Ein Kerem campus of the Hebrew University and works closely with physicians and researchers at Hadassah Hospital.


There are five different programs:

• An undergraduate degree in pharmacy (B.Sc.Pharm)

• A conversion program

• An excellence in Pharmaceutical Sciences program - a direct track to MSc

• An M.Sc. and Ph.D. program

• Ph.D. program in Clinical Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)


The Institute for Drug Research

The School of Pharmacy, in recognition of the importance and significance of drug research and development in Israel, and to prepare for future scientific and infrastructural challenges within the Biopharmaceutical Industry in Israel, recently founded the Institute for Drug Research at the School. The Institute brings together some 30 researchers from a range of disciplines relevant to drug development:


• Medicinal Chemistry - synthesis and isolation of new materials with biological activity; computerized design of new drugs and mechanisms of biological analysis of materials.

• Pharmaceutical Sciences - New Approaches for the development and targeting of drugs (drug delivery), clinical and pre-clinical pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic study, genetic therapy, development of innovative medicines and clinical pharmacology research.

• Pharmacology – Investigating the design and activity of drugs, the study of aging processes, mechanisms of allergy and diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's, neurodegenerative, brain damage, diabetes and addictions to drugs and alcohol and developing new drugs for these pathologies.

Within The School of Pharmacy there are three research centers which encourage, support and promote scientific research on drug:


1) The David R. Bloom Center for Pharmacy was inaugurated in October 1991 in recognition of Mr. Bloom's activities in the field of Pharmacy.

2) The Alex Grass Center for Drug Design and Novel Therapeutics. The Center was established in 1993, and was inaugurated in appreciation of the long-term and continuing philanthropic activities of Mr. Alex Grass on behalf of the Hebrew University.

3) The Adolph and Klara Berettler Medical Research Center was inaugurated in 1984.