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Research Centers

The Institute for Drug Research is comprised of a unique collection of accomplished scientists - national research and drug development. Research and experimentation take place in the researcher's laboratories at the School. The Institute encourages interdisciplinary research for drug development, from drug forecasting and planning, to chemical synthesis, pharmacological and toxicological examination of the proposed remedy to the choice of optimal ways of providing drug and tracing removal from the body.
Within The School of Pharmacy there are four research centers which encourage, support and promote scientific research on drug:
1) The David R. Bloom Center for Pharmacy was inaugurated in October 1991 in recognition of Mr. Bloom's activities in the field of Pharmacy.
2) The Alex Grass Center for Drug Design and Novel Therapeutics. The Center was established in 1993, and was inaugurated in appreciation of the long-term and continuing philanthropic activities of Mr. Alex Grass on behalf of the Hebrew University.
3) The Adolph and Klara Berettler Medical Research Center was inaugurated in 1984.
4) Multidisciplinary Center for Cannabinoid Research.