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  • Prof.  Amnon Hoffman
Prof Amnon Hoffman
Scientific Interest
The main theme of our lab is to optimize drug therapy according to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics principles. This is based on both clinical and preclinical investigations, with special interests in the biological aspects of drug delivery systems. These investigations include disease state pharmacodynamics, drug-interactions as well as all the other topics listed below under research projects.
We have found:
Cyclosporine increases the CNS sensitivity to the action of centrally acting drugs.
The receptor-effector unit heterogeneity affects the shape of the concentration-effect profile of drugs.
Cumulative plot of the power spectrum analysis of heart rate variability enables a quantitative measurement of the autonomic nervous system activity.
Oral administration of GI drugs produces “first pass pharmacodynamic effect".
Mechanisms of intestinal lipohilic drug absorption:
        ·       The  degree of  intestinal  lympathic  absorption  of  lipophilic  drugs  can  be predicted  by  the uptake of  the compound to 
        ·       There are parallel and unrelated absorption processes of lipophilic compounds in the enterocyte; 
        ·       The in-vitro lipolysis  model can be used to  predict the  optimal lipidic  vehicle, but  not when  there are significant lymphatic


Research Projects 
PK-PD rationale for optimized DDS, including GRDF.
Investigate the PK and PD aspects of different peptide structures including cyclization of active peptides and their optimal delivery.
Investigate the lymphatic absorption following intestinal or subcutaneous administrations.
Pharmaceutical approach to minimize microorganism resistance associated with antibiotic therapy: from preclinical studies towards clinical usage.
PK-PD modeling of cardiovascular drugs.
Mechanisms of peptide absorption.
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