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  • Prof.  Gershon Golomb
Prof Gershon Golomb
Scientific Interest  

        ·   Drug delivery and therapy in cardiovascular disorders. 

        ·   Controlled release implantable and injectable drug delivery systems.  

        ·   Dosage forms and formulations.  

        ·  Targeted nanoparticles (polymeric-based and liposomes) in cancer and cardiovascular disorders. 

        ·   Gene, antisense, siRNA and protein delivery and therapy.  

        ·   Nanoparticles, Nanospheres, Liposomes, Matrices, Bisphosphonates.

        ·   Modulation of the Innate Immunity (monocytes, macrophages). 


Research Projects  

 ·   Anti-inflammatory Effects by Nanoparticles of Bisphosphonates Affecting Monocytes and Macrophages.  

 ·   Targeted Nanoparticles of Antisenses and siRNA in Mammary Carcinoma. 

 ·   Imunomodulation of the Innate-immunity by Liposomal Delivery Systems for Endometriosis Therapy.  

 ·   Blood Brain Barrier Transport of Nanoparticles. 

 ·   Nanoparticles (polymeric-based and liposomes) for MRI and Luminescence Imaging 

 ·   The Role of Innate-immunity in Restenosis and MI.  

​Laboratory Techniques  
Pharmaceutical formulations and compositions; dosage forms; dissolution and release kinetics; controlled / sustained release; animal models of restenosis and cancer; DSC/TG.   
Chapters in Books 
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  • D. Gutman and G. Golomb, Liposomal alendronate for the treatment of restenosis, J. Control. Release (in press)
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