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  • Prof.  Haim Cedar
Prof Haim Cedar
Research Interests 
DNA methylation
Replication timing
Research Interests 
Molecular mechanism of Fragile X syndrome​
 ​ ​ ​ ​
​Mechanism of CpG island generation in early development
​Abnormal methylation in cancer
​Abnormal methylation in stem cells
​Mechanism of X chromosome inactivation choice
​Mechanism of immortal strand in stem cells
Lab Members
Ilana Keshet
Merav Hecht
Amalia Tabib
Razi Greenfield
Guy Ludwig
Deborah Rosenberg
Ofra Sabag
Itzchak Reizel
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Selected Publications 
2009    Lande-Diner, L., Zhang, J. and Cedar, H.  Shifts in replication timing actively affect     histone acetylation during nucleosome reassembly. Mol. Cell., 34, 767-774.
2009   Straussman, R., Nejman, D., Roberts, D., Steinfeld, I., Blum, B., Benvenisty, N., Simon, I., Yakhini, Z., and Cedar, H.  Developmental programming of CpG island methylation profiles in the human genome. Nature Struct. Mol. Biol. 16, 564-571.
2009   Schlesinger, S., Selig, S., Bergman, Y. and Cedar, H.  Allelic inactivation of rDNA loci.  Genes Dev. 23, 2437-2447.
2010   Shufaro, Y., Lacham-Kaplan, O., Tzuberi, B.-Z., McLaughlin, J., Trounson, A., Cedar, H. and Reubinoff, B.E.  Reprogramming of DNA replication timing.  Stem Cells, 28, 443-449.
2012    Farago, M., Rosenbluh, C., Tevlin, M., Fraenkel, S., Schlesinger, S., Masika, H., Gouzman, M., Teng, G., Schatz, D., Rais, Y., Hanna, J.H., Mildner, A., Jung, S., Mostoslavsky, G., Cedar, H. and Bergman, Y. Clonal allelic predetermination of immunoglobulin-kappa rearrangement. Nature 490, 561-565.
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