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Prof Joshua Katzhendler
Research Interests
        ·       Modified PNAs
        ·       Oligonucleotides
        ·       Gene inhibition
        ·       Anti viral agents
        ·       Anti-HIV agents
        ·       Analogues of myristic acid
        ·       Anticancer
        ·       Anthraquinones
        ·       PEG
        ·       Modified peptides
        ·       Antioxidants
        ·       Reaction mechanism

Research Projects  

Synthesis of modified, non-modified and targeted antisense oligonucleotides and polynucleoamides (PNA);
Aminoanthraquinones as potential anti-cancer drugs;
Novel anti-oxidants with potential therapeutic properties;
Cyclic peptides and cyclic oligonucleotides;
Analogues of myristic acid and CD4 derivatives with anti-HIV activity;
Chapters and reviews in books and proceedings  
O.Tirosh, J.Katzhendler, Y. Barenholtz, R. Kohen, Antioxidant acivity of amidothionophosphates, Methods in Enzymology-Oxidants and Antioxidants, Part A, Vol. 299,293-301,1999.
O.Tirosh, J.Katzhendler, Y. Barenholtz, R. Kohen, Low-Dencsity Lipoprotein Oxidation and of its Prevention by Amidothionophosphate Antioxidants. Antioxidants and Redox Signalling.1,285-298 1999.
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