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  • Prof.  Rami Aqeilan
Prof Rami Aqeilan
Research Interests
Investigation of genetic and molecular basis of cancer development; study of genes (coding and non-coding) to elucidate pathways for developing rational, effective therapeutic approaches to cancer. Study of WW domain-containing oxidoreductase (WWOX) spanning FRA16D, one of the most frequently inactivated tumor suppressors in a broad spectrum of human cancers.
Research Projects
Role of fragile genes in DNA damage response and genomic instability.
WW domain proteins in signaling and disease states.
Rewiring metabolism in cancer
Main investigated models
   1. Osteosarcoma models
   2. Breast cancer models. 
   3. Pancreatic cancer models.  
Lab Members
Rami I Aqeilan PhD Idit Hazan Zaidoun Salah
Rami I. Aqeilan, PhD
Principal Investigator
Idit Hazan, PhD 
Research Associate
Regulation of WWOX upon DNA damage
Zaidoun Salah, PhD
Senior Post-doc
Regulation of Hippo signaling via WW domain interactions
Srinivasarao Repudi
Vadim Maximov
Sara Del Mare
Srinivasarao Repudi, PhD
Vadim Maximov, PhD
Role of microRNAs in osteosarcomagenesis
Sara Del Mare, PhD Student
Role of the WWOX tumor suppressor in the pathogenesis of Osteosarcoma
Mohammad Abu Odeh
Suhaib Abdeen
Saleh Khwaled
Mohammad Abu-Odeh, PhD Student
Role of the WWOX gene in DNA damage Response
Suhaib Abdeen, PhD Student
WWOX as a signal mediator in breast carcinogenesis
Saleh Khwaled, PhD Student
Role of the WWOX gene in breast cancer progression
Muhannad Abu Remaileh
Housam Husseini
Muhannad Abu Remaileh, PhD Student
Role of the WWOX in glucose metabolism
Housam Husseini, MSc student
WWOX function upon nutrient stress
Vivian Malmud, PhD – Lab technician
Nadine Soudah – Research Assistant Student
Ben Cohen – Research Assistant Student
Former Students
Yariv Cohen, MSc
Thesis Title: “Functional Association between WWOX and p73 and their involvement in the tumorigenic process”
Tomer Barmag, MSc
Thesis Title: “Characterizing new partners of the WWOX tumor suppressor protein”
Ortal Iancu, MSc
Thesis Title: “Functional cross-talk between WWOX and c-Fos in osteosarcoma development"
Sherri Cohen, MSc
Thesis Title: “Regulation of Hippo signaling via WW domain interactions"
Keren Shemesh, MSc
Thesis Title: “Regulation of Hippo signaling via WW domain interactions"
Rand Arafeh, MSc
Thesis Title: “Role of microRNA 27a in osteosarcoma development"
Ella Abktekov, MSc
Thesis Title: “Role of the ubiquitin E3 ligase ITCH in breast carcinogenesis"
Open Positions
We are always looking for talented PhD students and Post-docs.  
 Social Activities
 Selected Publications

1. Role of fragile genes in cancer 

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3. Role of WW domain proteins in cancer 
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