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  • Prof.  Rami Yaka
Prof  Rami Yaka
Research Interest
Elucidating the cellular and synaptic mechanisms by which drugs of abuse such as cocaine and ethanol regulate ion channels function in the mesolimbic dopamine system. 
Research Projects 
Regulation of NMDA receptor function by cocaine.
Interaction of G proteins coupled receptors (GCPRs) with ion channels and their role in drug addiction.
Role of Src tyrosine kinases in the regulation of ion channels 
Dissociation of drug-cue associations by inhibition of PKM zeta
Role of GABAA receptor in cocaine sensitization
Prof. Esty Shohami, Department of Pharmacology
Prof. Ron Kohen, Department of Pharmaceutics
Prof. Baruch Minke, Department of Physiology
Dr. Gal Yadid, Bar-Ilan University
Dr. Abraham Zangen, Weizmann Institute 
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