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About us
Where History Meets Excellence
Thank you for your interest in the Henrietta Szold Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Nursing.
Who we are:
Hadassah has pioneered nursing education in Israel from the organization's inception to this day. This first school of nursing was founded in 1918, in what was then called Palestine, as part of Henrietta Szold's vision to improve the health of the diverse population.
The proposal to establish a Jewish institution for higher education was first raised as far back as 1882, yet the cornerstone of the Hebrew University was only laid in Jerusalem in 1918. On April 1, 1925, the University was officially opened on Mount Scopus.
The academic life of the University (courses and research) took place on Mount Scopus until 1948, the year of the establishment of the State of Israel. During the War of Independence, the road to Mount Scopus was blocked and the University was forced into exile; it continued its activities thereafter in rented facilities scattered throughout various parts of Jerusalem.
In 1955, the government of Israel allocated land in the Givat Ram neighborhood for a new Hebrew University campus. In 1967, the road to Mount Scopus was reopened, and in the early 1970s, academic activities were restored on the Mount Scopus campus.
The University has since continued to grow, with the addition of new buildings, the establishment of new programs, and the recruitment of outstanding scholars, researchers and students, fulfilling its commitment to excellence.
The Hebrew University in Jerusalem was accredited as an institution of higher education by the President of Israel, Mr. Itzhak Ben-Zvi, in accordance with the Law of the Council of Higher Education (1958), on the 23rd of August 1962.

The school of nursing resides within the Hebrew University-Hadassah Faculty of Medicine.
The Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University was initially instituted as a Department of Parasitology in 1924. Since that time it has developed into a major international clinical and research medical center. The following is a brief synopsis of its history:
1924-1946: The Department of Parasitology was established by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with the help of the Jewish Physicians' Committee of New York in 1924, a year before the official opening of the University. Two years later, the Department of Bacteriology and Hygiene was created and over the next fifteen years, the Hebrew University and the Hadassah Women's Zionist Organization of America joined forces to expand these departments into the Pre-Faculty of Medicine. Refresher courses were provided for practicing physicians and medical research got underway.
1946-1948: The University and Hadassah agreed to jointly establish the first fully-fledged medical school in Israel, with the University overseeing preclinical courses and the new Hadassah-University Hospital on Mount Scopus providing clinical teaching. The War of Independence in 1948 and the infamous Arab ambush of a medical convoy to Mount Scopus, in which 78 University and Hospital staff were killed, forced the evacuation of Mount Scopus.
1949-1964: Within one year, the Faculty was operating out of makeshift premises in downtown Jerusalem. Three years later 63 students who had begun their medical training overseas were awarded the Hebrew University's first M.D. degrees. The Schools of Pharmacy and Dental Medicine (later to be granted Faculty status) were added to the Faculty in 1953, in response to the needs of the rapidly growing population. In 1960, the Faculty's clinical departments moved to the new medical campus at Ein Kerem, to be followed by the preclinical units in 1964.
1965-1980: Over the next few years, the Faculty grew to include three more schools – Nursing in 1975, Occupational Therapy in 1978 and Public Health and Community Medicine in 1980.
1990-2000's: Today Faculty is based at Ein Kerem, with the Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Occupational Therapy on Mount Scopus and clinical departments in both the Ein Kerem and Mount Scopus Hadassah-University Hospitals. The Faculty also is affiliated with three general hospitals – Kaplan in Rehovot, Shaare Zedek and Bikur Cholim in Jerusalem – and with three psychiatric hospitals as well. The Faculty has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1924 – today it is a comprehensive training and research facility which can claim credit for many Israel's finest medical personnel and for the biomedical research breakthroughs which continue to alleviate human suffering and improve health care throughout the world.
2008: a. The establishment of the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada, merging the two major research Institutes – Microbiology and Medical Science, to bring together a powerful intellectual community of top scientists to facilitate a multidisciplinary approach to basic and applied biomedical research, able to meet tomorrow's needs for preserving life.
b. The approval of a Military School of Medicine.
Today, the school offers a wide range of programs and courses, including a Bachelors in the Science of Nursing (BSN) and a Master's Degree in clinical nursing, specializing in the area of adult care. Many of our faculty are involved in cutting edge research while maintaining individual private practices.
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