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Overseas Students
The School of Occupational Therapy of Hadassah and the Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University would like to welcome you. Our occupational therapy program offers many professional opportunities and is recognized by the World Federation of Occupational Therapy (WFOT).
Applications from overseas students are administered through the Rothenberg International School ( Please refer to their website for further information regarding the application process.
Bachelors Program
The bachelor's degree is a 3.5 year program that includes clinical fieldwork. Students who complete the program are eligible to take the Israeli licensing exam to qualify as an occupational therapist. Studies are completed in Hebrew.
Master's Degree
The Master's degree is a two year program and is recommended for students with a bachelor's degree in occupational therapy. Students with a bachelor's degree from other fields are welcome to complete the program, however, this will not qualify them to work as an occupational therapist. The majority of the studies are completed in Hebrew.
International students are required to achieve an academic level of Hebrew. Acceptance to the program requires a minimum of a level 3 and exemption level (level 6) is required to complete the program. The university offers Ulpan/Hebrew courses as part of the university program and students are required to complete courses within the first year of studies. For more information regarding the Hebrew levels, please contact the Rothenberg International School.
Further information regarding the academic program is available through the website (Education – Academic programs). Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the school.
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