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General Services Laboratory
​The Core research facility provides a variety of general equipment and services, such as spectrometry and densitometry measurements and analysis, Material testing, centrifuges, liquid nitrogen and more. For more information please call 02-6758657
The equipment available for use in the Laboratory is listed below:
 ​Make and model
  ​UV-VIS Spectrophotometer ​UV-Uvikon xs Secoman
Lambda 35 Pekin Elmer
  ​Fluorometer ​ Jasco FT-6500
  ​FTIR ​Smart ITR Nicolet iS10
  ​Real Time PCR ​CFX Connect ST System BioRad
  ​NanoDrop ​ND-1000
  ​Particle Sizer ​nano ZS Malvern instruments
 Material Testing Machine ​     ​LF Plus Lloyd instruments
  ​Rheometer   ​ ​Physica MCR-101
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