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NMR service is provided on 300 MHz and 500 MHz NMR spectrometers for the staff at the Faculty of Medicine (Internal NMR Services) as well as for external users, academic and industrial (External NMR Services).
Internal NMR service
The Internal NMR service is available for all research at the Faculty of Medicine. Samples may be submitted for data collection only or data collection and data analysis. The NMR service includes specialist support and advice such as:
  • Guidance in the choice of experiment.
  • Help in setting up new experiments. 
  • Quantitative and qualitative data acquisition and data analysis on the composition of a sample.
  • Opportunity to undertake collaborative research projects requiring NMR expertise.
External NMR Service
The NMR lab also offers an external NMR service for outside users, both academic and industrial. A full range of NMR experiments are offered on NMR 500 MHz, including advanced one- and two-dimensional experiments. We also offer advice on experiment selection, data interpretation and reports.
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