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Director's Statement
December 2018
Welcome to the School of Pharmacy of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
The School of Pharmacy provides graduates with a B.Sc. degree and a license from the Ministry of Health to engage in all pharmaceutical professions such as in pharmacies, medical institutions and the pharmaceutical industry. Both M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs are offered in pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacology. The School also offers a unique program for doctoral studies in clinical pharmacy (Pharm D).
Graduates of the School are qualified to pursue careers in the community and institutions throughout the country in the private sector, academia, healthcare institutions, and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
The School of Pharmacy conducts basic and applied research in drug development by harnessing the disciplines of chemistry in all its forms, classical and cellular pharmacology, pharmaceutical sciences, and clinical pharmacy.
Pharmaceutical sciences (developing drug delivery systems) and clinical pharmacy are used in the research of drug use.
Researchers from the School of Pharmacy hold a significant percentage of the Hebrew University's patents, and many medical products that benefit the patient were developed at the School of Pharmacy and have brought prestige to the Hebrew University and the State of Israel. The School continues to admit young scientists whose research is at the forefront of science and leading the next generation in drug development.
The School invests a lot of effort and resources to maintain the level of excellence in its teachers. Curricula are updated regularly as well as teaching methods. The School's teaching program prepares its graduates for integration and further studies in drug development and basic research in the field, as well as in community activities and drug counseling. The pharmacist today serves more than ever as the link between the general public and the world of health and medicine, and graduates of the School are qualified to be consultants and a authorities in their field.
The School's management has set itself a goal to significantly increase the number of School graduates by reducing student dropouts during the course of studies and encouraging transitional programs, and also by opening a dual degree program for students studying science and materials to graduate with a parallel degree in pharmacology.
We invite you to learn more about the various teaching and research programs offered at the University's School of Pharmacy in Jerusalem and contact us for further details on the study and research possibilities.
Avi Domb
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