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Director's Statement
Welcome to the School of Pharmacy of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Dedicated to the cultivation of academic excellence, The School of Pharmacy of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is a world-renowned center for the study of all forms of drug development. Ours is the only institution in Israel providing education and training for pharmacists and scientists across a wide range of medical and scientific disciplines at the undergraduate, master's and doctoral levels, including PhD and PharmD in clinical pharmacy, as well as continuing education programs.
Graduates of the School are qualified to pursue careers in academia, the private sector, healthcare institutions, and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
We are proud to acknowledge that our faculty is made up of top researchers and teachers, including well-acclaimed laureates of both national and international awards.
The School of Pharmacy conducts basic and applied research in drug development by harnessing the disciplines of chemistry in all its forms, classical and cellular pharmacology, pharmaceutical sciences, and clinical pharmacy. This unique multidisciplinary approach, which accords each field individual respect while harnessing the synergy between them, combines with our commitment to academic freedom and provision of optimal conditions for research to generate research excellence.
The School of Pharmacy holds 25% of the total number of patents held by the Hebrew University. Numerous medical products dedicated to improving the care and lives of patients have been developed by researchers from the School of Pharmacy and have brought prestige and fame to the University and the State of Israel. In the past few years, the School of Pharmacy has recruited many young scientists whose research is at the forefront of science, and they will be the leaders of the next generation of drug development.
The School of Pharmacy invests tremendous resources and efforts to maintain the highest levels of excellence in teaching, of which we are justifiably very proud. To maintain these levels, our curricula are regularly updated and revised.
Our educational programs prepare graduates to continue their studies in basic research and the development of new drugs, in community service and also in clinical counseling. In our opinion, pharmacists today, more than ever, serve as a vital link between the general public and the fields of medicine and pharmaceutics; for this reason, clinical pharmaceutical education is increasingly crucial. Graduates of the School of Pharmacy are consummate professionals, active in their communities as consultants, educators, and skilled and knowledgeable leaders.
We invite you to visit this site and to learn more about the wide variety of teaching and research programs offered by the School of Pharmacy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and we will be delighted to provide you with additional information.
Professor Roni Kohen
Prof. Ron Kohen
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