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Welcome To The School Of Pharmacy
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  • We are pleased and proud to announce the establishment of The Hebrew University Multidisciplinary Center on Cannabinoid Research. The Center is to be an inter-faculty facility with its mainstay being the Institute for Drug Research of the Faculty of Medicine, School of Pharmacy.
  • On September 14 2016, a new city square will be inaugurated in remembrance of Dr. Gunther Friedlander (founder of TEVA) at the intersection of Shachrai and Haklai Streets, Bayit Vegan Jerusalem.
  • Not many of us who went on the trip to Ramla and Hirya on Monday, 2 June were aware of the treasures waiting to be found there. Being established in 715, it is not surprising that Ramla is so full of history and treasures however, with Hirya being a modern addition to the area, the treasures to be discovered there are truly unexpected.
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