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Welcome To The School Of Pharmacy
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  • Shela was awarded the Order of Merit from the Ambassador of Poland, the Right Honorable Marek Magierowski, for her ongoing collaborative work between the Hebrew University and universities in Poland. This is the second time she has been awarded the prize. Well done Shela!
  • This year the School of Pharmacy's administrative and academic staff were treated to a wonderful day in the Western Galilee where we visited a magical hideaway at the Manot Cave, Noga's honey-bee farm at "Prechei Hagalil", and finally the spice barn at Bethlehem of Galilee (Jesus' real birth place?)
  • The Standing Committee of the University has approved a curriculum in Forensic and Analytical Science, a program that will not require a thesis. It will be attached to the Master's degree program (requiring a thesis) in Forensic and Analytical Science.
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