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Core Courses
The curriculum of study is comprised of core courses, elective courses, the COPC Workshop, and the writing of a mentored Thesis or Master’s Paper.

1. Core Courses
The required courses which constitute the core of the IMPH studies include:

        • Community Oriented Primary Health Care Workshop

        • Control of Communicable Diseases

        • Environmental and Occupational Health

        • Health Economics

        • Health Promotion and Health Behavior

        • Interpretation of Epidemiological Data

        • Introduction to Public Health

            • Organization of Medical Care

            • Principles and Uses of Epidemiology

            • Public Health Nutrition

            • Public Health Practice, Organization and Evaluation

            • Public Health Seminar

            • Qualitative Methods in Public Health

            • Research Forum

      • Sociology of Health and Illness

      • Statistical Methods for Public Health 

      • Survey and Research Methods


2. Elective Courses

Students also choose from a wide range of elective courses such as:

                            • Aging: Epidemiology and Services

                            • Economic Evaluation of Public Health and Medical Interventions

                            • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Public Health

                            • Health Promotion

                            • History of Public Health and Epidemiology

                            • Public Health Demography

                            • Maternal and Child Health

                            • Multidisciplinary Aspects of HIV/AIDS

                            • Public Health Ethics

                            • Selected Topics in Epidemiology

                            •  Statistical Methods for Analysis of Rates 





Examinations and Grading

Course grades are based on written or oral examinations, papers, or student presentations, depending on the course. Students must obtain a passing grade of 60 in each course to be eligible to receive the MPH degree.


Students from foreign countries study together
Students from foreign countries study together
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