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Thesis/Master's paper

Students complete an individual, mentored Thesis or Master Paper.

Thesis: Students in the thesis track collect and analyze data on a relevant public health topic or conduct detailed secondary analyses of an existing database. This track is open to students who achieve above-average grades in the first semester courses.

Master Paper: Students who choose this track write a paper on a public health problem which is relevant to their country. The paper may comprise a detailed research project proposal, a program review, or an in-depth analysis of an emerging or existing public health problem.

Theses and papers are submitted in writing and defended in an oral examination at the end of the year.

Master's Thesis Topics 2016-2017
                •  The impact of household wealth on child mortality in Cameroon 
                •  Evaluation of the impact of national Hepatitis A immunization program initiated in 2008 on incidence in China
                •  Parent of origin effect of genes related to glucose metabolism on glycemic trait
                •  Impact Assessment of Evidence-Based Behavior Change Communication on Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices among scheduled Tribes in Dahod, India
      •  Factors associated with the use of family planning among married Palestinian women in the Jerusalem Governorate Factors associated with the use of family planning among married Palestinian women in the Jerusalem Governorate

      • Outcome of tuberculosis treatment in non-citizen migrants; comparison between Israel and selected western countries, 2000 - 2014

      • Patterns of tobacco-related mortality in Russia over a 16 year period, 2000-2015 

                • Impact of the free healthcare initiative on wealth related inequality in the utilization of maternal

& child health services in Sierra Leone


        • Epidemiology and Spatio temporal modelling of Tuberculosis in Nam Dinh Province Vietnam



        • The rate of noise-induced hearing loss in relation to occupational noise exposure among

workers in Israel



Master's Paper Topics 2016-2017
        • Health Information Technology in Primary Health Care: Exploiting effective ICT solutions and adopting a 'radical' approach to implementation in Cameroon

        • Using Parents as Agents of Change (PAC) to prevent childhood obesity in Fiji (grant proposal

        • Prevention and treatment of Iron Deficiency Anemia amongst pregnant women in ANC Clinic in the Central Division of sub-divisional hospitals in Fiji

        • The impact of the School Feeding Programme among primary school children in Ghana

        • The Mahdia District Hospital baby-friendly hospital Initiative: a program review

        • Conditional cash transfer as a strategy to reduce mother and child inequalities in health in Haiti

        •  Utilization of 'care mother innovation' to increase accessibility and effectiveness of antenatal care to combat maternal mortality in Marathwada region of Maharashtra, India

        • Malnutrition among children under 5 years old living with HIV In Laikipia County – Kenya

        • Transtheoretical model of behavior change in physical activity among adults aged 50 years and older: a systematic review

        • Reducing Malnutrition under 5 years children in earthquake affected district (Dolakha) Nepal

        • Solar Energy System – A life building block for Primary Health Care (PHC) in Nigeria

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