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International Master of Public Health (IMPH)
As the first and largest school of public health in Israel, the Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine at Hebrew University-Hadassah has 50 years of experience in training public health professionals from Israel and from 90 countries across the globe. Our International MPH degree has been awarded to more than 750 graduates from developing and transition regions as well as developed countries of North America and Western Europe.
The International Master of Public Health (IMPH) Program offers a scientifically stimulating and culturally rewarding experience of studying in a foreign country and interacting with peers from different professional and cultural backgrounds, in the unique setting of Jerusalem.
The 12-month English-language IMPH Program provides its trainees with tools for examining public health problems and formulating relevant responses at the institutional, community and national level. We help our students develop knowledge and skills in a broad range of public health disciplines, thus preparing them to take up key positions as leaders and teachers in their home countries, in areas such as HIV, malaria and tuberculosis prevention and control, prevention and treatment of heart disease, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases, combating malnutrition and tobacco use, and fighting the stigma associated with mental illness.
The IMPH Program also offers a wide range of social and cultural activities that serve to bond and integrate the students and introduce them to the historical and modern host country of Israel.
The IMPH student body comprises physicians, nurses, other health professionals, economists and those interested in public health from other disciplines. Our graduates return home at the completion of their training to occupy key positions in the health care systems of their communities and countries.
Program director: Prof. Ora Paltiel
Program secretary: Ms. Pamela Malka
Requirements for Admission In order to be eligible for the Program the applicant must have an academic degree (BA/BSc, MA/MSc, MD) in medicine, dentistry, nursing, another allied health field, or in one of the basic biological or social sciences relevant to health from a recognized university.
Practical experience in public health is taken into account as well as academic achievement. 
Aims and Objectives of the Course
The overall objective of our Program is to provide basic and advanced knowledge of the theory and practice of public health and community medicine for those either currently engaged in this field or planning to do so in the future.
We work toward helping our students  develop knowledge and skills in the following areas: 
  •  Principles and uses of epidemiology, research methods, and biostatistics 
  •  Principles of health administration, health economics and health systems
  •  Evaluation of planning and provision of health services 
  •  Principles of public health practice, planning and administration 
  •  Planning and carrying out research projects 
  •  Diagnosis of the state of health of a community 
  •  Design and implementation of community care programs 
  •  Control of communicable diseases 
  •  Environmental, industrial and occupational health 
  •  Sociological and behavioral factors related to health 
  •  Nutrition in public health, food security, and combating malnutrition
Upon successful completion of the program our Graduates are expected to: 
  • 1. Initiate and participate in the promotion and development of public health practices in their own countries on a national level, regional level or in a local community setting 
  • 2. Develop capacity-building programs responsible for training public health personnel
  • 3. Use epidemiological and other tools toward health system planning and evaluation, and health services delivery in geographical regions and within institutions 
Study CurriculumThe curriculum of study is comprised of core courses, elective courses, the COPC Workshop, and the writing of a mentored Thesis or Master’s Paper.
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