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Dr. Hagai Levine
Hagai Levine Phone: +97226777452
Fax: +97226431086
Room Number: 
Academic Unit:  School of Public Health
Research Fields |​ Research Interests |​ Selected Publications |​
Environmental Health
Control of Communicable Diseases
Tobacco-related Research
My main research interest is environmental health, exploring predictors and effects of exposure to modern environment and life-style (such as endocrine disrupting chemicals, air pollution) on human health, with a special focus on male reproduction. Current research projects include the study on effects of pesticide exposure on male endocrine system; study of air pollution and other risk factors for autism development; meta-analysis of determinants of temporal and spatial variability in semen quality.
Studies of communicable diseases include risk factors for transmission of bacterial infectious diseases (staphylococcal, pneumococcal, and streptococcal) as well as surveillance if communicable diseases, with special focus on vaccine preventable diseases.
Current research project in the field of tobacco-related research is the development and evaluation of a text-messaging program for smoking cessation. 
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Abroms L, Hershcovitz R, Boal A, Levine H. (2014). Feasibility and Acceptability of a Text Messaging Program for Smoking Cessation in Israel. J Health Comm. [In press]. 
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