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Prof. Ora Paltiel
Prof. Ora Paltiel
Phone: +97226777601
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Short Bio
A specialist in Internal Medicine and Hematology, with a primary clinical focus on lymphoma, and with further training in epidemiology, her research interests include cancer epidemiology, especially as regards the lymphomas. She is a co-investigator in the large Jerusalem Perinatal Cohort study. Ora was born and raised in Canada. She moved with her family to Israel in 1992 and has worked in Hadassah ever since, in the Department of Hematology and at the Braun School of Public Health & Community Medicine of Hebrew University and Hadassah She is now the Director of the international Masters in Public Health. She is a Full Professor.
In addition, Ora heads the Master's Program in Clinical Epidemiology, and directs Hadassah’s Center for Research in Clinical Epidemiology, and teaches courses on Cancer Epidemiology, Clinical Epidemiology, Clinical Trials and Epidemiology for public health and medical students. She runs short courses on clinical research methodology in Hadassah and throughout Israel.
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