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Dr. Ronit Calderon-Margalit
Dr. Ronit Calderon-Margalit Phone: +97226778647
Fax: +97226431086
Room Number: 
Academic Unit:  School of Public Health
My main research topics are reproductive epidemiology, and renal diseases epidemiology. In addition, I am an active member of the steering committee of the National Program for Quality Indicators for Community Healthcare in Israel, and lead a study of health outcomes related to the Program.
In the field of reproductive epidemiology, my research focuses on the short and long term consequences of women’s reproductive characteristics.  Current research projects include the study of intrauterine exposures to environmental contaminants among pregnant women in Jerusalem; studies of social and cultural determinants of healthcare during pregnancy and labor among women from developing countries; studies of determinants of adverse birth outcomes; and a national survey of the obstetrical anesthesia workload.
Studies of renal diseases include descriptive and analytical studies of chronic renal failure, with emphasis on end stage kidney disease.
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