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Our Mission

Medicine has undergone a transformation in recent years and it seems that only the diseases have not changed. The Faculty of Medicine of the Hebrew University educates the future​ generation of scientists, doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, public health professionals and pharmacists. The changing paradigm in treating a patient from traditional medicine of trial and error to personalized medicine requires changes in curriculum and teaching methods.
Personalized medicine requires the recognition of each patient's uniqueness, which requires extensive translational research, building a repository of vast data on very large numbers of healthy and sick people, computing capabilities to create such a repository, bioinformatic data analysis capabilities, machine learning and artificial intelligence. All of these will eventually lead to personalized diagnosis, personalized care and no less important personalized prevention.
The Hebrew University in general and our faculty in particular, have everything needed to advance the process in Israel and around the world, and we believe that Mitzion will emerge Torah.​