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Tenure Track positions
The School of Nursing Tenure Track Positions
The Henrietta Szold Nursing Department at the Faculty of Medicine of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is accepting applications for a position on a tenured academic track.
Applicants should be a recognized registered nurse as per the Israeli Ministry of Health with a Bachelor or Master in Nursing, and PhD degree (or if relevant, EdD) from an Israeli recognized formal academic program in the field of Nursing, or a related field such as Psychology, and/or Education. Priority will be given to candidates with graduate degrees in nursing.
The Faculty is interested in applicants that have demonstrated excellence and creativity during their doctoral and postdoctoral training. Applicants will be expected to have carried out independent competitive research programs and participated in undergraduate and graduate education.
The evaluation of the applicants/candidates for this academic position is based on their display of innovation and excellence in research, commitment to mentoring and teaching and on the applicant's potential to lead original and breakthrough research in the field of Nursing.
In summary, we are looking for candidates that have a profound knowledge, broad view, and proven achievements in research, who can build and lead an independent research group and are committed to mentoring students at all levels within the study programs of The Henrietta Szold Nursing Department.
The first screening will be held in the Faculty's Search Committee. The Faculty's Search Committee will select a short list of applicants that will be invited for an interview at the Faculty.  

For further details or questions, please contact

For Academic Information: Dr. Michal Liebergall, Head of the Nursing Program | Email:
For Administrative Assistance: Mrs. Kathia Shavit, Dean's Office | Email:

Submission Deadline: May 21, 2020

אנחנו מעוניינים להגדיל את המגוון, בהגדרתו הרחבה, של חברות וחברי הסגל בפקולטה, ולקלוט חברי סגל חדשים המייצגים חברה רב תרבותית ומגוונת
We are interested to increase diversity,broadly defined, and recruit new faculty members representing a diverse multicultural society
نريد زيادة التنوّع، بالمعنى الواسع للكلمة، في أعضاء الهيئة التدريسيّة، عبر استيعاب أعضاء جدد في الطاقم الّذين يمثلون مجتمعًا متعدّد الثقافات