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5/18/2022 12:00:00 PM

Urban Nature and its Effect on Health

Location: Lecture Hall Chet, Floor 4, Faculty of Medicine; Lecturer: Amir Balaban, Director of Urban Nature, The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel; Hosted by: School of Public Health

5/18/2022 12:00:00 PM

All-optical interrogation of hippocampal circuits using voltage imaging

Location: Medical Neurobiology Seminar Room, 4th Floor, Room 3405; Lecturer: Yoav Adam, Ph.D., Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences (ELSC), The Hebrew University; Hosted by: School of Medicine-IMRIC-Medical Neurobiology

9/18/2022 9:00:00 AM

5th IMRIC Retreat

Location: Golden Crown Hotel, Nazareth; Lecturer: ; Hosted by: IMRIC

12/5/2022 12:05:00 PM

Misfolded protein degradation pathways and neurological disorders

Location: Levi Auditorium (small Botnar); Lecturer: Avraham Ashkenazi; Hosted by: School of Medicine-IMRIC-Biochemistry and Molecular Biology