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In 2009, The Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School partnered with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Medical Corps to form the joint Military Medicine Program.   This effort was initiated due to the increasing shortage of military physicians in Israel and the ever-increasing burden on the IDF MC for response to hostilities on multiple fronts, to local terror, and for routine, peace-time health care delivery.
It was also recognized by the University and its partners in the IDF that meeting the ever changing challenges of modern conflict, terror, natural disasters, and extended patient care also requires a dedicated, advanced research program, that is applied and clinically oriented,  for the development of new techniques, treatments, and technologies applicable to the operational setting.  Hence, the establishment in 2013 of the Institute for Research in Military Medicine (IRMM) of The Faculty of Medicine of The Hebrew University partnered with The IDF Medical Corps.
The IRMM, by combining the best of human resources and materiel from academia, clinical medicine, and the operational arena provides a unique research and development framework in military medicine whose principal objective is to prolong survival, hasten recovery, and improve quality of life of our soldiers and civilians in times of peace or during hostilities.
The IRMM has developed extensive collaborations with institutions in Israel and abroad and provides the essential framework for attracting medical students and expert investigators in each specialized field of military medicine.
Establishment of the Military Medicine Program has permitted major strides in pursuit of our national commitment and promise to every soldier, and his/her family at home, that if he is wounded in conflict, or becomes ill, he will get the best quality and most efficient care using the most advanced treatment strategies and technologies.