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​Lab Staff

Current Members​

Yuval Tabach ​
Yuval Tabach, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator


Dana Sherill-Rofe 
Dana Sherill-Rofe, Ph.D.
Research Associate

I'm interested in identification of novel homologous recombination repair genes involved in hereditary predisposition to cancer through multi-scale phylogenetic profiling analysis and omics data integration.
Idit Bloch (Amir) 
Idit Bloch (Amir), Ph.D.
Research Associate

My research is focused on deve​lopment of newly bioinformatics tools for employment in medicinal research. ​​

Maya Miller​ 
Maya Miller
Post Doctoral Fellow

I'm eager learning the mode of action of anti cancer drugs, specifically metallodrugs, through employment of bioinformatics tools and gene expression analysis.

Irene Guberman ​
Irene Guberman
MD-PhD student

I am interested in using evolutionary data to understand biological mechanisms in health and disease. My current project focuses on drug repositioning for Rett syndrome through phylogenetic profiling.​​

Doron Stupp ​​​​​
Doron Stupp, M.Sc.
MD-PhD student

I’m interested in developing machine learning approaches for medical therap​​eutic and research purpose​​s. My current research focuses on integrating co-evolution data using machine learning to discover functionally related genes, predict genes related to orphan diseases and identify drug repositioning opportunities for these diseases.​​​
Lena Qawasami ​
Lena Qawasami
PhD student​​​​​​

I'm interested in understanding the pathogenic role of small RNA pathways in C.elegans model of Myotonic dystrophy.​

Maya Braun​ ​​
Maya Braun
MD-PhD student​​​​​​

My research is involved in characterizing new genes related to homologues recombination repair process in cellular environment. ​

Lamis Naddaf 
Lamis Naddaf
PhD student

I am using comparative genomics to discover the specific regions of DNA that evolved to enhance resistance to cancer and some other genetic diseases.​​

Anna Mellul​ 
Anna Mellul
PhD student

I'm interested in understanding incomplete penetrance through directed evolution. I utilize C. elegans to study evolutionary processes controlling gene expression and protein function. ​​
Sapir Labes​​ 
Sapir Labes
MD-PhD Student

My research focuses on developing a phylogenetic-profiling based prediction tool for the clinical influence of nucleotide mutations with unknown clinical effect.​​​

Elad Sharon​ 
Elad Sharon
PhD student​​​​​​​

I'm focusing on development of bioinformatics tools based on phylogenomic profiling and comparative genomics for plant research. ​​

​​Hodaya Beer 
Hodaya Beer
M.Sc Student

I'm currently describing the complexity of gene evolution across the tree of life, and defining phylogenetic profiles motifs of pathways, networks and biological processes.​​​
Chalom Zemmour 
Chalom Zemmour
M.Sc Student

I'm enthusiastic in discovering new drugs through drug repositioning for pancreaticcancer. My work is performed in collaboration with the lab of Dr. Ofra Benny. ​​

Elad Zisman​ 
Elad Zisman
MSc student​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Sheri Avraham​ 
Sheri Avraham
Undergraduate student​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Menachem Isseroff​​ 
Menachem Isseroff
Undergraduate student​​​​​​​

I'm interested in studying the genetic factors involved in the aging process. I'm currently conducting experiments to understand the genetic factors of aging and lifecycle in C. elegans. ​

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Past Members

Emiliano Cohen - Research Fellow

Dolev Rahat M.Sc.Med - magna cum laude

Iyar Lin M.Sc.​​