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About the Lab


We are interested in studying how the brain encodes cognition at the brain-wide level. Sensory integration, perception, memory and learning are just several examples of the cognitive functions that we aim to understand.

 In the lab we take a mesoscale approach in which we aim to simultaneously image as many brain areas as possible as mice perform complex behavioral tasks.

Complementing the mesoscale approach, we implement a microscale approach, using multi-area two-photon microscopy, optogenetics and labeling techniques to dissect the relevant neuronal sub-populations mediating different cognitive functions.

Our goal is to obtain a cognitive brain-wide map where relevant information flows through specific processing streams based on demand.




Figure legend: Hypothesized cognitive map of the mouse brain comprising brain-wide processing streams superimposed on the mouse brain. BC – Barrel cortex. RL – Rostro-lateral. P – posterior. M2 – Secondary motor cortex. Th – Thalamus. Str – Striatum.