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​Research Projects

Mouse and Chick Models:
a. Neurobehavioral teratogenicity: assessing behavioral birth defects induced by various teratogens and ascertaining their mechanisms - a behavioral/molecular/epigenetic study: investigating teratogen-induced defects in neurogenesis as a primary cause of cholinergic receptor regulation of activation/translocation of PKC isoforms, possible epigenetic regulation and the apparent involvement of these processes in the mechanism of neurobehavioral birth defects.
b. Stem cell therapy for neurobehavioral teratogenicity: applying stem cell transplantation both as a clinical therapy for reversal of the defects and as a probe for understanding the mechanisms of the defects.
c. Parentally-induced neurobehavioral teratogenicity: understanding neurobehavioral birth defects induced by parental (paternal and/or maternal-preconception) exposure. Most probably via the epigenetic genomic imprinting mechanisms. Again, with reversing the deficits with stem cell transplantation.