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Meir Bialer, Salim Hadad, Yaacov Herzig, Jeff Sterling, David Lerner, Mitch Shirvan. Derivatives of valproic acid amide and 2-valproenoic acid amide, method of making and use thereof as anticonvulsant.
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Meir Bialer, Arie Dagan, Sherbel Sussan. Anticonvulsant drugs and pharmaceutical compositions thereof.
        -U.S. Patent No. 6,028,102 (Issued: 22 February, 2000).
        -IL Patent Application No. 137740.
Meir Bialer, Boris Yagen, Niv Papo. Active derivative of valproic acid for the treatment of neurological and psychotic disorders and a method for their preparation.
        -U.S. Patent No. 6,323,365 (Issued: 27 November, 2001). 
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Jeff Sterling, Yaacov Herzig, Meir Bialer, Abdullah Haj-Yehia, Boris Yagen. Derivatives of tetramethylcyclopropane.
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Meir Bialer, Boris Yagen, Ofer Spiegelstein, Michael Roeder and Volker Schurig. Amelioration of neurological disorders by the administration of (2R),(3S) and/or (2S),(3S) stereoisomers of valnoctamide.
        -U.S. Patent No. 6,417,399 (Issued: 9 July, 2002).
        -European  Patent No. 98900346.2  validated  in Germany, France,  England, Spain,  Italy, Switzerland,  Greece,  Belgium, Netherlands
         and Sweden.
        -IL Patent No. 120006 (Issued: 7 March 1999).
Meir Bialer, Ofer Spiegelstein, Boris Yagen. Propylisopropyl acetic acid and propylisopropyl acetamide stereoisomers, a method for their synthesis and pharmaceutical compositions containing them.
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Amnon Sintov, Andrew Volosov, Meir Bialer, Boris Yagen. Pharmaceutical compositions containing low-melting waxes.
        -U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 09/743,260 (Filing date: 8 January, 2001).
        -European Patent application No. 99928200.7
        -IL Patent Application No. 125244.
Meir Bialer, Nina Isoherranen, Boris Yagen. Derivatives of valproyl taurinamide, method of making and use thereof as anticonvulsant and CNS active agents.
        -US Pat No.  6,958,416 issued 25/10/2005
Meir Bialer, Nina Isoherranen, Boris Yagen. Derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions of N-Hydroxymethyl Tetramethylcyclopropyl-Carboxamide having anti-epileptic, neurological and CNS activity, and method for their preparation.
        -IL Patent No. 147953 issued 13/04/2008
        -International Application No. PCT/IL02/0150 (International filing date: 29 December, 2002)
        -US pat No. 6,960,687 issued 01/11/2005
Meir Bialer, Boris Yagen, Dan Kaufmann, and Eyal Sobol. New Amide derivatives of 2,2,3,3-tetramethylcyclopropane carboxylic acid, a method their synthesis and pharmaceutical compositions containing them.
        -IL Patent Application No. 154694 (Filing date: 28/02/2003),  and IL Patent Application No.157751 (Filing date: 4/09/2003).
        -International Application No. PCT/IL04/000193. (Filing date: 26 February, 2004).
        -EP pat no. 1603891, issued 28/05/2008  valid in DE, GB, CH & FR
Meir Bialer, Boris Yagen, Haim Pinchas Belmaker, Galila Agam, Galit Shaltiel. Use of 2,2,3,3, tetramethylcyclopropane carboxylic acid derivatives for treating psychiatric disorders.
        -EP pat No. 1626710, issued 01/10/2008 valid in GB, FR, DE and Switzerland.
        -Pending patent applications in : US, IL, CA & JP
Meir Bialer, Boris Yagen, Sara Eyal, Yoram Altschuler. Topiramate compositions useful for the treatment of cancer.
        -IL Patent Application No.156888 (Filing Date: 29 June 2003).
Meir Bialer, Boris Yagen , Ilan Winkler,  Marshal Devor. Compounds useful for treating neurological disorders.
        -Pending patent applications in Israel, Europe and US
Meir Bialer, Boris Yagen , Sara Eyal. Use of valproyl hydroxamic acid as an antineoplastic agent.
        -IL Patent Application No. 162263 (Filing Date: 31 May 2004)
Meir Bialer, Mitchell Shirvan. Use of Derivatives of Valproic Acid and 2-Valproenic Acid Amides for the Treatment of Mania Bipolar Disorder.
        -US Pat No. 6,555,585, issued 29/04/2003
        -NZ Pat No. 532917, issued 03/10/2005
        -Korean Pat No. 10-0843703, issued 27/06/2008
        -MX Patent No. 233952, issued 25/01/2006
         Pending paten applications in Canada, China, Europe, Isral, Japan , Australia.
Meir Bialer, Mitchell Shirvan. Use of Derivatives of Valproic Acid Amides and 2-Valproenoic Acid Amides for the Treatment of Pain and /Or Headaches Disorders
        -EP Pat No. 1311256, issued 17/08/2005 valid in FR,UK,EI,IT,NL,BE,CH,DE,ES
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        -South African pat No. 2003/1427, issued 28/04/2004
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         Pending patent applications in US, JP, AU, and IL
Meir Bialer, Boris Yagen , Neta Pessah . New -halo and -alkyl CNS-Active Analogues of Valproic Acid.
         Pending Patent applications in US and Israel , from PCT WO 008/102348 filed 19/02/08
Meir Bialer, Boris Yagen, Shimshoni Jakob Avi. ACYL-UREA DERIVATIVES AND USES THEREOF PCT app PCT/IL2008/000870,  WO 2009/001356 filed 25/06/2008