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​Recent Projects

The role neuron-glia and glia-glia interactions in sensory ganglia in chronic pain.

Augmentation in gap junction-mediated cell coupling in dorsal root ganglia following sciatic nerve neuritis in the mouse.

Mechanisms of visceral pain.

Phenotypic changes in satellite glial cells in cultured trigeminal ganglia.

Differential effect of hyperthermia on nerves and smooth muscle of the mouse ileum.

Functional study of endothelin B receptors in satellite glial cells in trigeminal ganglia.

Upregulation of purinergic P2X receptor expression after peripheral inflammation in satellite glial cells of mouse trigeminal ganglia: A calcium imaging study.

Morphological study of the myenteric plexus in the human tenia coli.

The contribution of satellite glial cells to chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain.

Non-adrenergic innervation of fat cells.

Gap junctions in fat tissue.