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​Dr. Mor Nahum, Head of the Computerized Neuroscience Laboratory

I have earned my PhD in Neural Computation from the Hebrew University in 2009. My thesis focused on studying perception and perceptual learning in the auditory modality, using behavioral experiments, brain recordings (EEG) and computational modelling.
In 2009, I joined Prof. Michael Merzenich (Prof. Emeritus, UCSF) and together we found the Brain Plasticity Institute (BPI), a San-Francisco based company focused on developing plasticity-based training programs for various clinical indications. During this tenure, I developed and studied web-based interventions to treat social cognition deficits in schizophrenia. Between 2011-2014, I completed my post-doctoral in UC Berkeley, under the joint supervision of Prof. Dennis Levi and Prof. Daphne Bavelier, where I studied the use of action video games in the treatment of amblyopia ('lazy eye'). Between 2014-2016, I served as the Director of R&D at Posit Science in San Francisco. At this capacity, I led the development and clinical testing of web-based and mobile tools designed to assess and treat brain deficits in clinical populations. In 2016, I joined the School of OT at the Hebrew University as a senior lecturer and the director of the Computerized Neurotherapy Lab. My current research focuses on the use of mobile tools to assess and change cognitive and emotional status, particularly in mental health related disorders.