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Dr. Raanan Raz
Dr. Raanan Raz

I am an epidemiologist with background in computer science and PhD in neuroscience. The goal of my work is to understand links between environmental exposures and child development. For example, I study environmental factors of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), with a special focus on air pollution. I also study environmental factors of neonatal thyroid hormones, birth weight and gestational age at birth. Ambient air temperature is another exposure I began to explore, as part of the effort to understand the health implications of climate change worlwide. In addition, I am interested in issues of causal inference in epidemiology. In this context - I am teaching an advanced course in causal inference (following the research developed by Judea Pearl and others) and encouraging student and colleagues to use directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) and to be more explicit in the way they think and talk abut causality in the context of a specific epidemiological study.


Curriculum Vitae