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Research Projects in the Laboratory

Our laboratory is interested in the biochemistry and molecular and cell biology of neuronal degeneration during aging of the mammalian brain, particularly in Parkinson's (PD) disease and the relate synucleinopathies.

We study α-Synuclein protein, a protein that is normaly involved in synaptic transmission in the healthy brain, however, plays a causative role in neuronal degeneration during disease.

Projects in the lab:

      1. Nuclear translocation of α-Synuclein and its involvement in regulation of gene expression. 

     2. Alterations in brain lipids in Parkinson's disease and the synucleinopathies.

     3. α-Synuclein involvement in mechanisms of endocytosis/exocytosis and cycling of synaptic vesicles

     4. Development and validation of a blood test for effective diagnosis and prognosis of Parkinson's disease.