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​Research and Professional Activity

Sexual behaviour of adolescents and young adults.

Differences in perception of sexual misconduct and aggression as a possible source of health, welfare, justice and internal security problems.

Development of methodology for introducing cultural appropriateness and rapid response into interventions in sexual-health.

Cross-cultural issues in sex-therapy.

Consultant to the Department of Health Promotion and Education, Israeli Ministry of Health on primary and secondary prevention of HIV/AIDS and care among at-risk immigrant populations.

Consultant to the Albanian National Program on HIV/AIDS on development of policy and strategy for prevention and care.

Supervisor of training in sex-therapy, counselling and sex education.

Content Meister, "Yachad" (together), an internet site on sexuality and relationship within "Snunit" – the Israeli educational portal.

Culture and Health (mainly cultural divides between health care providers and health seekers as barriers to health)

Multi-orgasm in women