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E. coli RIL-seq for ProQ and Hfq

Melamed, S., Adams, P.P., Zhang, A., Zhang, H. and Storz, G. (2020) RNA-RNA interactomes of ProQ and Hfq reveal overlapping and competing roles. Mol. Cell, 77:411-425.e7.

E. coli RIL-seq data for Hfq

Melamed, S., Peer, A., Faigenbaum-Romm, R., Gatt, Y.E., Reiss, N., Bar, A., Altuvia, Y., Argaman, L. and Margalit, H. (2016) Global mapping of small RNA-target interactions in bacteria. Mol. Cell 63:884-897. (These data a mapped to E. coli genome NC_000913.2)