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Shuli is an Health Economist, holds a B.A. in Economics and Statistics, an M.A. in Economics with a specialization in Econometrics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In addition she holds a PHD in economics with a specialization in health economics from Tel Aviv University.
She has many years of expertise as an applied researcher of the health system in Israel with a focus on research areas of health economics, health insurance economics and health policy. In recent years she has been developing the field of operative economics which includes making economic tools and economic theories accessible to health system managers.
Until November 2019, Shuli was the head of the Health Economics and Health Policy team at the Brookdale Institute and the head of the Health Systems Management Program (MHA) at the School of public health, University of Haifa. As of today Shuli is currently a faculty member at the Hebrew University School of Public Health, and a senior researcher at the Brookdale Institute.