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prof Michael Tal
Prof. Tal Michael
Prof. Tal is a laboratory head and the president of The Israel Pain Association. His higher education was at Hebrew University (DMD) and UCLA (MS). He had worked for 2 years with Gary Bennett at NIH and recently withRon Dubner and Ken Ren In Baltimore Maryland. His laboratory has published in the pain field, with work of a notably integrative nature involving neurophysiology, psychophysiology and animal behavior.

Research Interest

Mechanisms of neuropathic pain after nerve injury. Mechanisms whereby injury evokes sensory dysfunction and chronic pain. Pathophysiology of injured nerve, particularly, abnormal discharge originates at the site of nerve injury or in the DRG in experimental animal models for neuropathy in1. the rat.
Relationship between sensory and motor modalities in the oro-facial area. Effects and mechanisms of different drugs and hypnosis on pain and reflexes in the oro-facial area.