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Prof. Vivian Barak – PhD in Cancer Immunology

- Born in Romania, to Holocaust survivor parents, to Israel- 1959

- Education- BSc, MSc, PhD- from Hebrew University, Jerusalem

- Visiting Scientist- at Sloan Kettering, NY and MD Anderson- Houston, USA


- Since 1985, Head, Immunology & Tumor Diagnosis Lab, Oncology Dep.,

  Hadassah - Hebrew University Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel


- Since 2005, Associate Professor in Oncology at Hebrew University.

- Head, Israeli Cytokines Standardization Lab.

- Head, Israeli Tumor Markers Standardization Lab.

- Validation expert in Biomarkers and Immune status of Cancer patients

- Senior Consultant.

- Teaching at School of Medicine, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

- Teaching /Supervising theses, PhD, MSc, MD- 42 students

- Functions in Israeli Universities: Member, Central Admitting Committees to   

  Medical Schools, Reviewer of MSc, MA, PhD Studies, Awards, Grants,          

- Member of Steering Committee for Teaching Laboratories


- Member - Editorial Boards of International Journals:

  European Cytokine Network, Tumor Biology, In Vivo, Int. J of Cancer,                       

  Cancer Biomarkers, Biomarkers and Environment, Current Oncology, Tumor  

  Markers Oncology, Int. J of Biomarkers, Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy


- Positions in International Societies:

  Past, ISOBM President, present –ISOBM, EGTM and IATMO Board member,  

  ARVO- Women in Science Board member, European Research Council 

  member, Int. Scientific Advisory Board of IIAR


- Presidential positions at 5 International Congresses,

  IATMO 1997, ISOBM 2005, ISOBM 2011, ISOBM 2012, ISOBM 2018


- Member, 30 Scientific Committees of International Conferences

- Member, 13 Scientific Societies


 -Recipient of ISOBM ABBOTT AWARD 2017


- List of publications includes:

  264 papers in International Journals, 16 in Israeli Journals.


- Research Gate (RG) :


  Score: 45.31, Impact points: 824, Citations: 6936, Reads: 10756,                            

  Research interests: 3547, Research items: 303.


- h-index- 45