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 Introduction to Systems Biology: multicellular organisms - 94964, and cell biology - 94641

This course is aimed to undergraduate and graduate students with little background in Biology and Math that would like to understand how can math be useful in understanding biological phenomena. Each course is given once every two years and involves a small project and a final exam.
94964 - multicellular organisms: We start with basic calculations on protein production and degradation and feedbacks, and then move to developmental biology, immunological regulation, tissue regeneration, endocrine signaling, circadian rhythms and metabolism. Maybe neuronal signaling if we have time.
94641 - cell biology: We start the same way, but then go on to study translation, bacterial chemotaxis, cell growth and division, quorum sensing and more, if we'll have the time.

 Physiology of Digestion; Endocrinology

I teach medical students gastrointestinal physiology, namely what is the route by which food enters the body, is digested and absorbed and how does it leave the body. I also teach a major segment of the endocrinology course. I also take a smaller part in 

 Other guest appearances...

I teach a small part of the Biological Networks graduate course, problem based learning for medical students, graduate and undergraduate seminars, and the likes.