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Research Topics

Angiogenesis and Tumor Microenvironment

Angiogenesis is known to have a central role in the processes of cancer progression and therapy resistance. Our goal is to understand the mechanisms responsible for drug resistance in order to develop innovative treatments with improved activity for prolonged treatment without tumor escape, as well as novel anti-angiogenic drugs.


Nanotechnology and the emerging field of nano-medicine is the future of both medicinal research and therapeutic drug treatment. In our lab, we develop nano-carriers for improving pharmacological traits and utilize the unique properties of nano-materials to unfold new opportunities in enhancing medical devices. 


​One of our challenges is to introduce novel in vitro 3-D tumor models that would mimic the tumor microenvironment in vivo. Applying microfluidics method we are developing a revolutionary tumor-on-chip device, to be used in personalized medicine, for prediction of drug efficacy, biodistribution, and toxicity.

Mechanical Targeting

Physical-based interactions between colloidal drug carriers and cells are the basis of our quest to improve the design of drug delivery systems. In our lab we conduct a multidisciplinary study to better understand cells interaction with various particles base on physical modelling, using 2D, 3D and in vivo models