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Student and administrative secretary

Nitzan Steinberg

Phone: 02-5845302


General school secretary

Revital Weinbrand

Phone: 02-5845308


Administration Manager

Keren Ivgi


School of Occupational Therapy

Faculty of Medicine

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

PO Box 24026,

Mount Scopus,

Jerusalem, 9124001, Israel

Fax: 02-5325345


Parking at the Mount Scopus Campus:

Parking is available in the following manner:

  • Parking per hour (no time limit)
  • Daily parking
  • Monthly parking permit
  • Yearly parking permit

Ticket machines are available for daily and hourly parking. Monthly and yearly passes can be purchased at the following locations: the Frank Sinatra Cafeteria and the Akadamon store.


Public Transporation:

Ein Kerem: 19, 27

Mount Scopus: 68, 26, 19, 4A, 23, 42, 46